Free LinkedIn Training

The Million Pound Masterclass

Learn everything you need to do to grow your business to £1 million ARR using Linkedin.

Free LinkedIn Training: Million Pound Masterclass

In this sixty minute session, LinkedIn coach Jonny Rose explains how his technology company (Idio) was able to grow from six people in a basement to a multinational company serving high-value enterprise clients such as JP Morgan, Dell, AllianceBernstein and Fitch Ratings, powered by LinkedIn.

In the space of an hour, you will learn 50 LinkedIn hacks to find leads, nurture prospects and close deals.

No fluff. No filler. These are the exact steps you can action TODAY if you want to build a seven figure business. 

Who this free LinkedIn training is for:

  • Individuals who sell or market high-value B2B products or services
  • Coaches and consultants that sell high-value services
  • Early stage B2B startups that need validation, referrals and customers
  • Revenue generating B2B orgs that want to further optimise their sales pipeline

What you will learn:

How to position yourself as an expert and an authority on LinkedIn

How to find and contact key-decision makers and target buyers

How to nurture prospects until ‘sales ready’ and generate sales appointments