LinkedIn is home to over 500 million professionals and decision-makers. I'll help you find the right ones.

About Win At LinkedIn

Jonny Rose coaches individuals and trains B2B organisations to leverage the world’s largest professional social network, LinkedIn, and:

  • find more leads
  • nurture more prospects
  • book more sales meetings

If you're an entrepreneur, salesperson or freelancer: stop struggling to find customers - they're waiting for you on LinkedIn!

How does coaching work?

I will work with you over one, three or six 1-2-1 30min sessions on Skype to teach you how to harness LinkedIn and win more new business.

These sessions will be tailored to your goals and ability – whether you are a new user of LinkedIn or a seasoned sales veteran.

What will I achieve?

This is completely dependent upon your goals and the effort you’re prepared to put in.

However, I will generally teach you:

  • How to position yourself as a trusted authority and expert in your industry
  • How to increase the likelihood of being found by sales-ready buyers
  • How to prospect and message key-decision makers successfully

Is LinkedIn coaching a good fit for me?

That depends.

Do you market or sell a product or service to businesses?

Are you able to take on new high-value customers right now?

Will you commit to applying what you’ve learnt and taking action?

Do you want to make more money and never worry about when your next sale is coming?

If yes, LinkedIn coaching is for you!

OK, I want to stop struggling to find customers. I’m in – how do I pay? 

A single session of 1-2-1 LinkedIn coaching over Skype is £129 (BOOK NOW)

Three sessions of 1-2-1 LinkedIn coaching over Skype costs £359 (BOOK NOW)

Six sessions of 1-2-1 LinkedIn coaching over Skype costs £559 (BOOK NOW)

Payment is made in advance of the coaching session(s) via the payment options above.

If you close just one new client with LinkedIn you will have achieved 100% ROI.

Get LinkedIn coaching today and get these results TOMORROW:


More leads

Stop chasing time-wasters with no budget or buyer power: Win At LinkedIn shows how to find, contact and convert the right prospects so that you only focus on where the money is.

More prospects

Not everybody is ready to buy – Win At LinkedIn teaches you how to stay front-of-mind for your prospects so that when they’re ready they call you and not someone else.


More deals

“Engagement” can only go so far – what matters is getting into the room with a prospect and closing the deal. Win At LinkedIn will help make that meeting happen.